Dr. Luis E. Mendoza

Dr. Luis E. Mendoza

Monday, November 14, 2016


Ganglions are cysts that form on top of your ligament, joint, or tendon. A ganglion cyst usually has fluid in it. They are not cancerous and normally go away with time. If you don't experience any symptoms like pain with them, you normally would just have to have them monitored for any changes. If you do experience symptoms, then it’s time to come in and see our Cicero, IL podiatrist, Dr. Luis E. Mendoza, DPM, to discuss treatment options.

Symptoms of Ganglions
You might experience one or more of these ganglion cyst symptoms:
  • Burning or tingling which happens why the ganglion touches a nerve
  • A lump that you can clearly see
  • Aching or dull pain (this normally happens when it's pressing on your joint or tendon)
  • Hard to wear shoes due to irritation
Treatment of a Ganglion Cyst
Treatment options that Dr. Mendoza suggests range from:
  • Icing
  • Placing pads around your ganglions to reduce pressure
  • Removing the fluid
  • Surgery
In extreme cases, Dr. Mendoza performs ganglion resection which is an outpatient procedure. After spending time in the recovery room for observation, you are allowed to go home.

He gives you a local or general anesthetic depending on which you prefer and what he feels is best. With a local anesthetic, you are still awake while he performs the surgery. You don't experience any pain, but you might feel pressure. With a general anesthetic, you are put to sleep during the procedure.

If you think you have ganglions, you should make an appointment with us to see Dr. Mendoza for an initial consultation and exam. We have five different locations here in Illinois: Chicago, Cicero, Franklin Park, Aurora, Oak Brook. Give us a call at 708-780-8661 to get that appointment set up today.